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Need a custom sign company? Pick Sign Effex.

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You’ve got a creative eye and a vision for a sign that breaks the mold. You don’t want a regular old sign. You need it to be special. But this means you might have unique challenges or special requirements that a conventional sign wouldn’t have. In short, you need a sign tailored to meet your needs. That’s where Sign Effex can help. We are a custom sign company devoted to serving you, our customers.

Since 1986, our custom sign company has been delivering top quality products to our customers. We have over a quarter of a century of experience creating excellent, memorable signs. Whatever size, whatever color, whatever material, whatever location, we can handle it. It doesn’t matter if your project is small or large. It doesn’t matter if your sign is for commercial purposes or otherwise. We specialize in signs.


We know the difference a sign makes. Every sign sends a message, both literally and visually. If your sign is poorly designed, sloppily constructed or inappropriately installed, people will notice. At Sign Effex, we don’t tolerate improper sign construction. We work our best to make our sign company synonymous with quality.


Service Locations

Part of being a quality custom sign company means being available to meet the needs of our Florida customers all around the state. Take a look at what we offer in an area near you:

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Whichever location you’re in, we promise top quality service and signs. Our experts are easy to reach, personable and interested in your making your project a success. Don’t trust the outcome of your unique sign with any other custom sign company. Contact Sign Effex online or call our custom sign company today: 863-294-4498.

A Few Sign Effex Highlights

  • The Latest Designs
    The Latest Designs

    Sign Effex has talented and experienced designers. Whether your brand is established and classic, or contemporary and cutting-edge, we offer superior design services.

  • In-House Production
    In-House Production

    Only one phone call is necessary. We can complete your project faster and on budget with our comprehensive in-house capabilities. From permitting to design to manufacture.

  • Grow Your Business
    Grow Your Business

    Your sign is an important marketing and sales tool. Our consultants are in the business of helping you to grow yours by designing a sign that is worthy of your business.

  • Wide Selection
    Wide Selection

    Whether your sign is indoors, outdoors or both, Sign Effex offers a complete range of choices. We can guide you through your sign project from start to finish, helping you make the best decisions.


Sign Effex officially opened it’s doors in 1986. Our corporate headquarters is centrally located in Winter Haven, Florida, directly in the heart of the state. You’re going to love your new Sign Effex sign. We look forward to continued growth and we hope to hear from you today.


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