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Interior Signs

Interior Signs cover several categories:

Reception or Lobby Signs can make a bold statement and welcome visitors to your space often found in office buildings, hotel lobbies, hospitals, universities, and other similar places. These are often referred to as the “Directory”. These can include identification as well as wayfinding.

Wayfinding Signs cover a broad range of activities that refer to the way in which we navigate our physical world, both interior and exterior. Wayfinding signs are especially useful in the interior of very large buildings, especially those interiors designed to accommodate a high volume of people. Examples include: schools, universities, shopping malls, sports complexes, and many other large venue buildings. Your customers and visitors will find ease in selecting a way or path within the indoor environment. Many large buildings include indoor maps, directories, information kiosk, along with wayfinding signage throughout the facility.

Suite / Directory Signage is often found in the interior of an office suite or hotel with the company name and suite number lettered or etched. Suite signage is a professional finishing touch, adding an elegant, upscale look to complement any office decor.

ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) signs are needed in all public spaces. ADA signage is found in all public areas. It is a great example of effective signage, used on a daily throughout the USA. The term ADA Signage is commonly misunderstood. Many think it is synonymous with braille signage. Signs with raised letters or braille are among of the most obvious signs required in business, but the regulations of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) go much further.

For the most part, each reference or installation of an “architectural” sign must comply with ADAAG guidelines. Whenever a sign is providing identification to a permanent room, space, or facility, including exits, it must comply with the ADA regulations. Likewise, if the signage directs or provides information about the function or use of the space, or accessible features of the facility, it must also comply.


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