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Neon Marquees

Neon Marqueeson an exterior surface are usually quite large and commonly placed over the entrance to hotels, theatres, and similar establishments. Several different design elements can be used to create this exquisite entrance. Other than the name of the establishment, messages, such as products or attractions, can be added or subtracted at will of the user.

Numerous out of date theatres have been sold to new businesses with the marquee refurbished to a whole new design.
You will often find neon displays over bars, cafes and many other businesses. They are bright and can be clearly seen when neon in incorporated. In these displays, you will find everything from whimsical to gaudy; anything to draw attention and give a message. Sometimes, these signs are combined with a sponsor’s name, such as a ball team or such, saving some of the expense of the sign itself for the purchaser. A retail business, sometimes requires advertising for one of their products to create attention in a crowded atmosphere and neon fits the bill.


Sign Effex officially opened it’s doors in 1986. Our corporate headquarters is centrally located in Winter Haven, Florida, directly in the heart of the state. You’re going to love your new Sign Effex sign. We look forward to continued growth and we hope to hear from you today.


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Neon Marquees